Phoenix Mini Plant Hire

With 30+ years of experience, we specialize in the latest mini excavators and dumper hire to buildingand landscaping contractors in the South East of Kent.

  Phoenix Mini Plant Hire Ltd.
  Equipment for Hire: T=Tonnes.

  Micro, 0.8T-Midi, 1.4T-Mini-1.7T - 2T mini excavators

  2.6T – 3T midi excavator

  1T & 800kg tracked/wheeled Skip loading dumpers

  Ride-on-Rollers (800mm)

  Breakers augurs and land rakes

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  • Self drive plant hire.

  • Operators can be supplied depending on location.

  • Daily or weekly hire rates.

  • Discounted long term hires.

  •  Breakers / Augers / Grapples / Land Rake

  • We have experienced building, Driveway and landscaping partners who can assist and quote your building, driveway's and landscaping  requirements .

  • Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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